Minus Board

A simple and elegant shareable whiteboard app for iPad

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Made for humans

Want to focus on exrpessing yourself better? Stop wasting time in learning hard to setup and difficult to use software, you deserve better! Minus Board is made for humans, it’s simple and elegant. It requires zero configuration and no needs to learn how to use it as long as you know how to draw things on whiteboard.

Made for sharing

You have great ideas in your mind, but what’s the point if you cannot share it? Minus Board is the answer. It was built for sharing. Just share the code or the URL, anyone around the world can see your drawing in real-time, idea spreading made easy.

Slack integration

Share your drawing seamless to Slack channels. Just type "/mb <CODE>" in Slack channel, then a snapshot of the whiteboard will be posted.

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Pay as you go

Why you need to pay when you don’t need it? Not sure if it's worthwhile? Download the app and start seven days free trial now!

$2.99 for 30 days

$4.99 for 90 days

$9.99 for 180 days

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